We are unifying movement geared to increasing the vibration of love, peace and compassion in the world.

We love, we are grateful.


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Love Is The First Step. Everyday, Remember To Show Love To Everyone... Love Is Going To Let In Light!


Be mindful of how much compassion you have, and actively try to increase it. Once You Start To Try To Experience More Compassion Daily, Things Get Better And Better!

(And In Turn, Compassion Brings More Love, More Love Into Your Life)


When we are filled with gratitude, we appreciate those in our lives.

To be grateful for what you have is to truly be wealthy

Small Steps Towards A Meaningful Joyous Life.

Love, Compassion, And Gratitude.

Choose These Everyday.
Every Chance You Get.

Good Energy

Get Ready!

We've Put Together A Little Toolkit To Help You Get Equipped.

Gathering Resources On Subjects That Have Helped Us Personally, We Put Them Together
So You Can Pick And Choose From Those Tools and Techniques That Resonate With You. Check out the main site for more information :)

Gear Up!

The Tribe Aeon Logo Is A Symbol Of Love, Peace, Compassion, And Gratitude.

Each Piece is hand crafted and made to order.

Tribe Aeon Pendant
Tribe Aeon Pendant
Tribe Aeon Pendant
Tribe Aeon Pendant
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